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Historical Information

Richland Township was organized on January 8, 1862, by authority given by the Saginaw County Board of Supervisors.  The first township election was held April 7, 1862, in the school house of District Number 5 (Cone School).  The name "Richland" was given to the township by Lemuel Cone, one of the earliest settlers in the area.  There are many stories relating to how Richland was named but none of them have definite proof as to their validity.  It is assumed that the early settlers first came to call the present center of Richland Township, Hemlock, because of the vast number of Eastern Hemlock trees which covered the area.  Many found Richland Township a good location to prosper in the lumbering industry.  When the forests were spent, they established Richland as an agricultural area.  The first settlers in Richland Township are believed to be Philo and Arminda Thomas. 

In April of 1889, the first township hall was constructed on South Elm Street which is still being used today as a Senior Center.   In May of 1976, the Richland Township Municipal Building was dedicated housing the township offices and the Mary C. Rauchholz Memorial Library.   

In September of 2002, construction was started on a  new Richland Township Administration Building located at 1180 North Hemlock Road.  On January 17, 2003, the administration building was complete and occupied.  The building was dedicated May 30, 2003.  The Rauchholz Memorial Library renovated and are currently utilizing the entire former Administration/Library building at 1140 North Hemlock Road