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Sewer Department

The operation and maintenance of the Township's wastewater collection system and treatment facilities are performed by the employees of the Department of Public Works.   Richland Township's waste water system consists of three main components:  collection system (pipes and manholes), pumping stations and force mains, and the wastewater stabilization lagoons.  This system is located in the unincorporated portion of Hemlock.  

The Richland Township wastewater collection system consists of a network of approximately 52,552 linear feet  (9.9
miles)  of 4-inch to 15-inch diameter gravity and force main pipes and 197 manhole structures.  

There are three sanitary sewer pump stations within the unincorporated area:
Pump Station #1 is located on E. Saginaw Road
Pump Station #2 is located on N. Hemlock Road
Pump Station #3 is located in the Pleasant Valley Mobile Home Park

The wastewater stabilization lagoon contains three wastewater biological treatment cells and is located southeast of town at the corner of Doyle Road and Watson Road.

If you experience a sanitary sewer backup please call the Township Office at 989-642-2097, so we may help to determine the cause of the problem and possible solutions before you call an outside contractor.  

Sewer Fees

Connection Fee/System Development Fee

Connection Fee Based upon quote by Township Contractor
Service Fee (System Development Fee) $1,500 per Residential Unit
Sewer Permit Fee $7.50

Ordinance 2020-08-01 Adopted July 14, 2020 (Resolution 2022-07)

5/8-inch meter $36.01 per quarter
3/4-inch meter $36.01 per quarter
1-inch meter $90.03 per quarter
1 1/2-inch meter $180.07 per quarter
2-inch meter $288.11 per quarter
3-inch meter $540.20 per quarter
4-inch meter $900.34 per quarter
Commodity Charge $2.33 per 1,000 gallons
Capital Debt Charge $80.26 per quarter