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Knox Box Program Information

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Richland Township Fire Department participates and has access to Knox Box devices for our jurisdiction. We began this program approximately 5 years ago and since then have been working to get more users. The use of Knox Boxes increases the timeliness of accessing a location in an emergency situation and reduces damages to the location.

Below are some typical questions and answers as well as information on where to purchase a Knox Box. If you have any questions, please direct them to

What is a Knox Box?

A Knox Box is part of a Rapid Entry System (RES), which is an on-premises security key box that provides firefighters immediate access to locked buildings and other secured areas without forced entry in an emergency situation. Your key, key card, FOB, etc. is secured within the box and only the Fire Department has access to the key which opens it. Implementing a Knox Box reduces the amount of time it takes to make entry to a location, which increases effective rescue/aid and reduces property damage.
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How is the Key to my facility, business or residence secured?

The items placed into the Knox Box are accessible to your local Fire Department only. The key to access the box is secured within a Knox secure device which requires personnel to enter their pin code to "checkout" the key. Once the key is checked out, the Fire Department can use the key to open your Knox Box and retrieve the item inside to gain entry to the location. A report of all key usage is generated by the Knox secure device and emailed to Chief staff of the Fire Department for review and monitoring for unsanctioned use.
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How does the box mount to my business or residence?
The Knox Box is designed to be structurally mounted to a businesses or facilities external wall. Residential users can decide whether to mount into the structure or purchase a hardened door hanger that secures it to a residential door.

I recently moved and had a Knox Box at my old location, can I use it in my new location?
Knox Box products are keyed to only the local Fire Department's key. If you moved and remained within the same Fire Department's jurisdiction, yes you may reuse your Knox Box (please update the Fire Department with your address change). If you moved outside of your previous Fire Department's jurisdiction, you would not be able to reuse the Knox Box and would need to secure a new Knox Box.

How do I get a Knox Box?
You can purchase a Knox Box by going to the Knox website and locating our Fire Departments, by clicking this link or by scanning the QR code below from a mobile device.
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