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MI Prevention (CRR)

MI Prevention Community Risk Reduction (CRR) Program

Richland Township Fire Department Joins MI Prevention Campaign to Reduce Fire Fatalities in the Richland and Fremont Township areas. The program is a Residential Smoke Alarm Installation and Michigander Fire Education Program Funded by State of Michigan Bureau of Fire Services.

October 2023 - Richland Township Fire Department has joined the MI Prevention statewide fire safety campaign through the State Fire Marshal, the Bureau of Fire Services and Michigan’s fire safety organizations to reduce the high number of fire deaths, injuries and property loss in Michigan. In order to protect the health and safety of high-risk populations in Richland and Fremont Townships and other targeted areas, the Richland Township Fire Department is participating in MI Prevention by installing smoke alarms in homes free of charge and educating consumers on safety practices.
MI Prevention
“Having working smoke alarms in your home and making fire safety a constant priority are the best ways to prevent fires before they start, and stop fire-related deaths and injuries,” said Chief Scott. “The lives of all Michiganders depend on fire safety, education and awareness.”

“We’re focusing on two groups that are affected most by fire fatalities: adults over age 40 and children under age nine,” said State Fire Marshal Kevin Sehlmeyer. “Nearly 80 percent of Michigan’s population are in these high-risk groups and it’s where we’ve seen the greatest number of fire deaths.”

More than just an alarm give-away program, this campaign is an actual home installation program with an educational component to increase awareness and knowledge about fire safety to achieve a sustained behavioral change. Upon the homeowner’s request, trained MI Prevention volunteers consisting of fire and emergency personnel from Richland Township Fire Department in Richland and Fremont Township areas will install the 10-year life expectancy alarms. Homeowners can contact Richland Township Fire Department to request a fire safety home visit at no charge, by completing the Smoke Detector Request Form.

In addition, the Richland Township Fire Department is working to educate citizens, increase awareness, correct bad habits, and cut down on unsafe behavior in homes across our coverage area. MI Prevention is also educating the more than 30,000 fire fighters in Michigan to fully understand community risk reduction concepts to maximize fire prevention efforts in their own counties.

Consumers can find more resources and safety information at the MI Prevention website:

MI Prevention is built around a community risk reduction (CRR) program first introduced in Michigan by the Vision 20/20 and National Fire Protection Association in 2017 and is comprised of representatives from fire service, law enforcement, school officials, and other public and private organization and community leaders.
Special recognition this year goes to community partner Home Depot in Okemos, MI for its invaluable support by providing and distributing alarm orders to fire departments throughout the state.

What is MI Prevention?

What is MI Prevention?
MI Prevention is a statewide community risk reduction (CRR) program working to reduce the 
state’s high number of fire deaths, injuries and property loss. It’s coordinated by the Michigan 
State Fire Marshal, the State of Michigan Bureau of Fire Services, Michigan fire departments and 
partnering organizations across Michigan. In 2018, 139 Michiganders perished in home fires with 
a reported $260 million in property damage -- an immeasurable loss to families and communities.
Tragically, Michigan consistently ranks near the top in civilian fire deaths nationally. 

Funding for the first year of the program came from a competitive, one-year, $525,000 Fire 
Prevention and Safety grant through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the 
Department of Homeland Security, and a five percent state match. Sustainability for the 
program will come from the growing number of state and local partnerships.

MI Prevention was developed by representatives from the fire service, law enforcement, school 
officials, and other public and private organizations and community leaders.

How is MI Prevention different?

MI Prevention Is...
MI Prevention is a first-of-its-kind statewide residential smoke alarm installation and consumer fire 
education program targeted toward specific demographic groups and geographical areas of the 
state based on fatal fire data gathered over the last five years.
Reaching the most at-risk citizens...
MI Prevention is focusing on groups where the greatest number of fire deaths have occurred
and that represent nearly 80 percent of Michigan’s population:

  • adults over age 40 and male
  • adults 60 years of age and older (aging in place)
  • children 0-9 years of age
  • those living in poverty
In the most high-risk areas
(as identified by data gathered by fire personnel over the last two years)

Flint Detroit Southern Macomb County
Benton Harbor Saginaw  
Home fire safety assessments and installations
Fire departments are obtaining smoke alarms, CO Detectors, fire safety education and a free home
assessment to identify potential fire hazards within the home to reduce future fire fatalities across
Educating Today for a Safer Tomorrow
Fire-related fatalities are largely preventable through education -- informing citizens about the life-saving practice of having working smoke alarms, adopting fire safety behaviors and correcting fire
hazards in the home. MI Prevention first-year educational emphasis is on:

  • Close the door! of bedrooms and sleeping areas every night to curtail fire
  • Find two ways out! with improved escape plans
  • Push the button! challenges to test functionality of smoke alarms every month
  • Community risk reduction training
  • Youth Fire Setter training

How can I Become a MI Prevention Partner

Becoming a MI Prevention Partner
MI Prevention is centered on garnering financial support from public and private funding 
sources through partnerships to expand its efforts into the future. Continued support through 
organizational and community partnerships is imperative to build on the momentum and 
success gained during the first year of MI Prevention and to follow through with its strategic 
plan, making it sustainable for many years to come. MI Prevention and its partners are 
changing preventive fire education and risk management as we know it in Michigan. 
Financial and in-kind support through these collaborative relationships will enable MI Prevention

  • expand statewide residential smoke alarm and CO detector installation;
  • expand consumer fire education outreach through advertising and marketing;
  • purchase hearing-impaired specialized smoke alarms and providing educational materials to the hearing-impaired community;
  • develop mental health initiatives -- training, education, and support to local fire responders whose role today goes well beyond putting out fires;
  • establish a statewide Youth Firesetting Program for ages 12-20;
  • purchase portable educational equipment to strategically support fire departments statewide; and
  • purchase educational materials for residents, students and fire departments statewide. 

Join the growing list of MI Prevention partners that includes Michigan’s Fire Service 
organizations, the American Red Cross-Michigan Chapter, the National Fire Protection 
Association, Vision 20/20, Sound Off Educational Program and Home Depot, to name a 

By becoming a MI Prevention partner, you can make no better investment than protecting the 
lives of your family, friends, neighbors; business and community by Educating Today for a 
Safer Tomorrow.

Contact Richland Township Fire Department if you organization is interested in becoming a MI Prevention partner.