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Online Services & Permits


Burn Permits

Burn permits are issued to residents of Richland Township and our coverage portion of Fremont Township on a request by request basis. All open burning, as defined by the Richland Township Open Burn Ordinance (2017-07), is required to be done by permit only. Burn permits are good for four (4) days as of the date of issue.

To request a burn permit, please use our online form.

Smoke Detector Program

Richland Township Fire Department has partnered with the MI Prevention community risk reduction (CRR) program and will test existing alarms and install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in residences within our coverage area.

MI Prevention

Rescue Alert Program

Richland Township Fire Department provides rescue alert stickers that assist first responder resources arriving at an address to quickly determine if special rescue/assistance is needed for occupants to exit the home. This program is for residential requests only.

Firefighter Rescue Alert Sticker