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Police Department

Richland Township Police Department
1180 N. Hemlock Rd.
Hemlock, MI 48626
(989) 642-5707

Chief Jack Doyle

Office Hours:   
M-F 8:00am - 5:00 pm

The Richland Township Police Department has four full-time Officers and one part time. The Police Chief is Jack Doyle and has over 40 years experience in law enforcement.   Other sworn full-time Officers (s) for the Richland Township Police Department are Officer Chris Goldman, Officer Jacob Polzin, Officer Larry Durocher and Officer John Meehleder.  Officer Polzin serves as the officer for the Village of Merrill/Jonesfield Township.  In October 2019 the Richland Township Police Department contracted with the Village of Merrill and Jonesfield Township to offer them police protection.  Officer Chris Goldman is the School Resource Officer and works closely with Hemlock Public Schools on a daily basis.  Officer Larry Durocher is currently a member of the Saginaw Emergency Services Team (SWAT) and responds with that multi agency county wide unit when needed.  

Richland Twp. police vehicles are also licensed as Emergency Medical Responders units.  Officers are trained at EMT's and EMR's respond to medical calls with the Richland Township Fire Department throughout their fire district.  

Citizens should call 911 for all emergency calls.  911 can now also be reached by text when the situation dictates.  Calls are preferred in order to provide more detailed information about an incident.  If an officer is needed for a non-emergency matter, Saginaw Central Dispatch can be reached at (989)797-4580.

The Department is dedicated to the safety and well-being of the citizens of Richland Township.

For those residents unaware, Saginaw County has an emergency notification system called GeoCast Web. The system has the ability to deliver timely information to thousands of residents via home phones, cell phones, text, and e-mail.

GeoCast Web is used by police, fire/EMS, and emergency management operations worldwide. It also has the capability to customize emergency notifications based on the location of the incident.  For example, if there’s a severe weather alert in Richland Township, Saginaw County, the system is able to be programmed to contact only those in the affected area rather than notifying everyone in the entire county. 

If you would like to register for the “Emergency Notification System”, please click on the email address listed below or go to the Saginaw County 911 website page by clicking here or the sign up image below.


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