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Sound-the-Alarm Campaign (American Red Cross)

Sound the Alarm 2023 Header

On Saturday, May 6, 2023, Richland Township Fire Department, in partnership with the American Red Cross participated in their Sound-the-Alarm Campaign. The goal of the campaign is to install as many smoke detectors in residential structures as possible. This is a nation-wide campaign with Fire Department partners across the country.

This year, Richland Township Fire Department, installed more than 30 smoke detectors in homes around our jurisdiction and coverage area. The detectors are provided free of charge by the American Red Cross and are installed in homes by our personnel free of charge.

Dates and Times for future campaign dates will be published as they become available.

As a reminder, in addition to this campaign, you may utilize the Smoke Detector Request form (found under Online Services on the left) to request installation of smoke detectors throughout the year. These detectors are also provided by the American Red Cross and installed by our personnel at no charge to the residents in our coverage area.