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Board of Review

The Board of Review consists of a three members appointed by the Township Board for a two-year term that begins January 1st of each odd-numbered year.  Township's may appoint three, six, or nine member boards of review to hear appeals.  Two members constitute a quorum.   The Township Board may appoint no more than two alternate members for the same terms as regular members.   The Township Supervisor serves as the board of review secretary and is statutorily responsible for the board of review minutes.  

The three person panel is charged with the responsibility of hearing appeals of the assessed values as established by the Assessor's office.  On showing of sufficient cause, the board shall correct the assessment on any particular property to make the valuation relatively just and equal.  This Board meets in March to deliberate valuation appeals and again in July and December to correct qualified errors involving property dimensions, size corrections, clerical errors and mutual mistakes of fact.  

Current Membership of the Board of Review ( 2 Year Terms)

John Rick
Tim Metro
Bart Hubbell
Alternate Mary Clark